The Frontier Girls Creed outlines the basic code of conduct we expect from our members.  The creed is not just one more thing to memorize or a base for yet another craft project or song.  Character traits listed in the creed can be applied to everything a troop does, so when teaching the creed don’t just have the girls say it, teach them to live it with every badge or activity planned.

Below is a perfect example of how to apply each portion of the creed to a specific activity.  Sylvia Duke, leader of troop #109, has been working on having her troop memorize the creed.  While working on the Museums badge, she put together the following “Creed for Museums”,  showing the girls how each part of the Frontier Girls Creed is directly applicable to their behavior during a field trip to the museum.  This same idea can be used to just about any badge or activity a troop plans to do.


Frontier Girl’s Creed for Museums:

(Courtesy of Sylvia Duke – Leader of Troop #109)

 As a Frontier Girl:


I will be Loving . . .

Treating others as I would like to be treated.

I will cheerfully share the museum with all other visitors.


 I will be Joyful . . .

Finding the blessings in every situation.

I will not go behind roped off areas, but enjoy the exhibit at a safe distance.


I will be Peaceful . . .

Respecting others’ opinions and beliefs.

I will listen to what the docent/guide is saying.


I will be Patient . . .

Persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.

I will walk! I will NOT run! I will stay with my group!


 I will be Kind . . .

Respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.

I will not take flash photography because it damages artifacts.


I will be Good . . .

Pure in all I do, think, and say.

I will look with my eyes and not with my hands.


I will be Faithful . . .

To my God and

Loyal to family, friends, and country.

I will be extra careful to protect these collections for others to experience long into the future.


I will be Gentle . . .

Taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.

I will speak with a quiet voice & move carefully around the exhibits.


I will have Self Control . . .

Using my time, materials and talents wisely, and

becoming accountable for my own actions.

I will not eat, drink, or chew gum in the museum.


Enjoy the Museum and allow others to enjoy it too! 

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