Super Troop Award


Are your girls getting the most out of the Frontier Girls program?  The Super Troop Award was designed to help troop leaders and parents make sure that their girls are participating in all elements of the Frontier Girls program. Earning this award with your troop means that you have a well rounded and active troop. To earn the Super Troop award, troops must complete all of the requirements below.  There is a form on the Frontier Girls website under “Awards” that must be submitted each year the Super Troop Award is earned, but only has to be submitted once each year. Pioneers may earn the Super Troop award, but will need to adjust requirements to reflect parental involvement.

Requirements to wear the Super Troop patch and year bar include:

  1. Registration: All members of the troop must have valid, up-t0-date memberships with the Frontier Girls website.
  2. Hold at least one parent/daughter or family event such as a dinner, camp-out, sporting event, etc.
  3.  Hold at least three different types of ceremonies, such as a flag ceremony (required), advancement ceremony, investiture ceremony, award ceremony, etc.
  4.  Earn the Patriotism, Emergency Preparedness, and Etiquette badges at least every three years (or at least one per year). List the date each badge was last earned. If this is your first or second year, this section may remain blank, but by the end of year 3 all badges must be completed.
  5. Participated in each of the following community service projects: one project for whoever hosts your troop, one for your community and one of the girls’ choice.
  6.  Learn or review both the Frontier Girls promise and creed
  7. Participate in at least 3 outdoor activities: hiking, camping, swimming, outdoor games, parades, etc.
  8. Earn at least six badges as a troop from at least four different Areas of Discovery
  9. Earn at least one character badge each year
  10. Participate in at least one public activity each year such as a parade, fund raiser, festival, etc.
  11. All girls at the Dolphin level and above should be able to sew on their own ribbons and patches.

The Super Troop Award recognizes troops and Pioneers who show a level of excellence by participating fully in all elements of the Frontier Girls program. To be eligible to wear the Super Troop Patch with the year bar for the program year ending August 31, all requirements below must be completed between September 1 and August 31 during a normal program year. All girls participating in the Super Troop are eligible to wear the patch. In order for Pioneers to wear this patch, they must complete requirements 6-11. This patch should be worn on the back of the uniform vest with each year bar placed below the main patch.

For more information on the Super Troop Award, visit our website at:

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