With Thanksgiving approaching and the holiday season upon us, we think this is a great time of year to be teaching our children about generosity and gratitude. We should be teaching this all year round, but we wanted to feature a special post on some great ideas and ways to get kids involved. Here are some suggestions:


1. Earn our Generosity Badge


This is a great badge to teach kids about generosity and have them actively working on it. Some highlights from the badge include setting aside part of their allowance to donate to a charity or cause of their choice, demonstrating an understanding of what it means to be generous, reading about someone who is known for being generous, etc. Requirements are easy to accomplish, but also involve lots of thought and actions towards being a more generous person. You can find our generosity badge here!


2. Volunteer Your Time




While it can be important to be generous with your money, sometimes being generous with your time can be more valuable and appreciated. Encourage your children to volunteer their time to an important cause or to help others. Homeless or animal shelters, children’s hospitals, or schools can be great places to volunteer your time and make a difference.


3. Donate


Give Word On Balloons Showing Charity Donations And Generous Assistance


Another great way to be generous is by donating items you no longer need. Food, toys, or clothing are good examples of items that can be easily donated. Go through your kitchen and gather up any canned food you haven’t eaten; sort through your toys and select ones you haven’t played with in over a year; collect any clothing you have outgrown or never wear anymore. Donate these items to someone in need!


4. Learn About Someone Who is Generous




Sometimes it is important to learn what being generous looks like, and have an example to follow. Kids should learn about people known for their generosity, whether they read about them, watch them on television, or even interact with them in person. They could be philanthropists, volunteers, military personal, etc. We suggest discussing what makes a person generous and read or watch some examples of people being generous.


5. Work on a Craft Project




There are so many fun crafts that can relate to generosity. A great resource for this can be Pinterest. Some suggestions include:

  • Create a “generosity tree.” Each time you do something generous, or see someone do something generous, write it on a slip of paper and hang it up.
  • Make a “helping hands” wreath. Trace your hand and cut out a few of them so they make a wreath. On each hand, write a way to be generous or helpful, such as walking the dog or taking out the trash.
  • Treasures in Heaven craft
  • Teaching Kids about Generosity craft


We hope you found this helpful and make sure to share your ideas and thoughts with us!