Pumpkin Badge Meeting Plan

by Sara Rauta


You can find the Pumpkin Badge here.


Opening Activity

Color pictures of pumpkins or draw your own pumpkins until everyone arrives. (10 mins)


Flag Ceremony

Present the colors, Pledge and Promise. (5 mins)


Circle Time

  • Learn a pumpkin song, such as the one below. (optional requirement 8)
  • Play a pumpkin game, such as the one below.

(5-10 mins)


Craft Time

Make paper pumpkins! We have included step-by-step instructions below. (optional requirement 7) (20 mins)

how to make paper pumpkins1











Make Pumpkin Lapbooks. As they are being made, have a leader or volunteer read out various pumpkins facts, such as where pumpkins grow, the life cycle of a pumpkins, types of pumpkins, the health benefits of eating pumpkins, etc. Include some of these facts in your lapbook. (20-30 mins) (Penguin – Owl requirement 1, Otter-Dolphin requirement 2, optional requirement 10 – 13).

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Snack Time

  • Eat baked pumpkin seeds. Have various toppings girls can choose from such as cinnamon and sugar, salt and pepper, or other various spices and herbs.
  • Pumpkin popcorn
  • Pumpkin snowballs

(10 mins) (Penguin requirement 2)












Closing Activity

Decorate baby pumpkins! Get creative and have lots of different supplies the girls can use to make the cutest and craziest pumpkins they can think of. (20 mins or until end of meeting)

14466391_1294693593894811_669747884_o 14466458_1294693620561475_1809382896_o 14522139_1294693657228138_125799545_o 14522242_1294693613894809_604838946_o



































OPTIONAL: Take a trip to the pumpkin patch! (optional requirement 4)




I’m a Little Pumpkin

(sung to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little pumpkin
Orange and round.

Here is my stem,
I grew in the ground.

When I get all cut up,
Don’t you shout!

Just open me up,
And scoop me out!

Pass the Pumpkin











This game is like “Hot Potato” only it’s played with a mini pumpkin. Have the kids stand in a circle and sing the “Hot Potato/Hot Pumpkin” song. If you don’t want to sing, have a volunteer play music, freezing the song occasionally. Whoever is left holding the pumpkin is out. The last person standing is the winner!

How to Make Paper Pumpkins












  1. Cut 5 strips of orange paper (whatever length is fine).
  2. Gather your strips of paper and hole punch them at the end. Put a brad through the hole, lay your strips flat and fan them out.


14455854_1294690593895111_619057314_o 14466989_1294690610561776_2024029614_o 14522327_1294690557228448_78460313_o



























3. Fold the strips of paper up into the middle. Glue or staple each strip together at the top until you have the shape of a pumpkin.



















4. Use a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Fold the tip down about half way and twist until the pipe cleaner looks like a pumpkin stem. Glue or staple to the top of the pumpkin.



14489691_1294692017228302_1923509494_o 14513757_1294692023894968_2028052314_o















5. Take a decorative flower and hole punch the middle. Glue or staple it to the stem. Your finished!



14466433_1294692013894969_1333126272_o 14466958_1294689617228542_987967322_o

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