A Letter to Leaders

from Katie Lundquist

Leaders –

Just wanted to share our plan for our troop to do the Higher Awards in case anyone else could benefit from it.
One of the things I do is hand out the level appropriate Quick Reference Sheet every time a girl registers or levels up. I go over the sheet with them briefly so they know what awards are available.
I also talk up the Awards frequently during meetings and Courts of Awards and have girls that have earned them show them off during our Circle Time talks.
I have been using a 3-year rotation plan to help as many girls as possible earn the Higher Awards. Not so they have “bling” – though I do joke about that. I feel it is an important component of the Frontier Girls program and teaches the girls so much, not only about the individual topics but also about commitment and determination.
Here is my plan:

YEAR 1 – Make a Difference project & Leadership Award since the MaD is a part of that.
This coincides with the year we do the required Etiquette badge since our project of choice is usually a big Father/Daughter Dance or Mother/Daughter Tea for our hosting location & neighborhood.

YEAR 2 – Life Skills Achievement Award mini-camp. This coincides with the year we do the required Emergency Preparedness badge as both contain First Aid elements and emergency info.

YEAR 3 – Liberty Award. This coincides with the year we do the required Patriotism badge as it’s part of the Award.
I plan to hit each of the 9 Areas of Discovery each year, either during meetings, sleepovers, and/or field trips.

We also plan three of the Fruit of the Spirit Award badges each year so they will earn the award at the end of 3 years. I do a couple of requirements each meeting, no matter what other badges we are working on. I also stress those character traits throughout the year while we do other things – waiting in line for a field trip and being Patient, for example.

We have plenty of service opportunities so the girls can earn at least 1 Servant’s Heart each year.

All of this means that with a little extra work at home on badges, we are giving the girls the chance to earn all of the FG Awards (the badges at home are for the WOW! Awards).

– Katie, Troop 159

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