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exploring caves“Youth Opportunities Underground (YOUCave) is a nonprofit corporation that helps youth groups and youth organizations develop, plan and carry out a cave exploring related program. Most youth groups don’t think about cave exploration as an activity they can use in their programs. Of those groups that do, most of them realize how difficult caving is going to be and abandon the idea. The youth groups that do go caving either find someone that can take them or try to do it on their own. The later has the potential for disaster as the leaders may not be properly trained or equipped to lead their youth members underground. YOUCave has the resources youth groups and youth organizations need to have a safe and successful cave exploring adventure. We have experienced leaders that go caving on a regular basis with an established caving organization. We have vital safety equipment needed for a safe and ethical caving trip. And we know where all the good caves are.
If you’re not ready for a cave expedition we can still help. Our experiences leaders can give talks to your organization about caves and cave exploring. We can help you decide if this is right for your youth group program. We can also provide a classroom type program suitable for kindergarten through university level youth. Visit us at and see what we do and learn how we can plug our resources into youth group and youth organization programs.”
Contact Allen Maddox for more information or if your interested in joining YOUCave! He can be reached at
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