Memorial Day 2016 Volunteer Opportunities & Ways to Get Involved

Memorial Day is an important day for our country to honor the fallen heroes who served our country. Here are some ideas and ways you can give back to those who served and fought for us:


Troop #273

Volunteer at a Veteran’s Cemetery

Your or your troop could volunteer in the following ways:

– Greet visitors

– Offer to give tours

– Research and document cemetery history

– Help with maintenance

– Raise & lower flags

To find locations, visit this link:





Attend a Memorial Day Parade

You or your troop could attend a local Memorial Day parade.

– Offer to ride in the parade to represent your country as well as Frontier Girls

– Volunteer with parade set up or clean up

– Help direct traffic

To find an event in your community, visit this link:





Give Blood to Save Lives

The American Red Cross is asking volunteers to honor Memorial Day by giving blood

to save American lives. This is a great and easy way for you or your troop to give back.

Call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit the Red Cross website to make an appointment to






Send a Care Package

One of the best things a soldier overseas can receive is a care package. Your or your troop can bring a smile

to their face and give back in the best way possible. Here are some ideas for what to include:

– Non-perishable food, such as drink mixes, meal enhancers, pretzels, gum, cookies, etc.

– Personal care and clothing, such as a toothbrush, cotton socks, baby wipes, moleskin, shampoo, razors, etc.

– Entertainment, such as reading material, word games, batteries, writing material, etc.

– Reminders of home, such as an art project, the Sunday comics from your local newspaper, home-baked goods, etc.





Volunteer at a Local VA Hospital or VFW

You and your troop can support veterans in your community by volunteering at your local

VA Hospital or VFW. You could give back in the following ways:

– Sing or perform a skit for them

– Play board games

– Listen to their stories or just simply talk to them

– Take them for a walk or to get some fresh air




Whatever your plans are for Memorial Day, take some time to remember those who lost their lives serving our country.





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