April 2016 Spotlight

What were our members up to this month?

troop 144

Troop 144 completed their Dog badge by holding a dog shower along with food and gifts. The gifts were all donated from the girls families and friends. They then delivered the donations to a local dog rescue!







because we care

Troop 213 teamed up with Start Smart and the Because We Care program to help raise money for bears for the local police department!









troop 159

Troop 159 really multi-tasked a their meeting! They worked on parts of the Nutrition badge, Teamwork badge AND Health & Fitness badge! Good job girls!









Troop 283 worked on their Storytelling badge. Lots of stories were made up and the girls also received their prizes for their fundraiser!








troop 144(4)

Alex and Danielle of Troop 144 earned their Make a Difference awards! They set up a booth at their local Bark For Life. Good job girls!









book fair

Troop 350 held an “Edible Book Festival” as a community service project. They made edible books (lots of yummy cakes) and held an event and silent auction for the edible cakes. They also had a used book sale table. They raised $200 for their local library, which is also where they meet! Way to go girls!






troop 505

Troop 505 in Kinder, LA spent a day at Air Evac. They learned First Aid, how things work with an ambulance in the sky, and best of all, earned their First Aid badge and a set of wings!






troop 310

Troop 310 in Lake Charles, LA earned their Natural Disaster badge on floods by going to Vinton, LA and visiting a church that was a shelter. They met a family still living in the shelter and took a tour of the flooded area.







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