Frontier Girls Wall Display Banners

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Looking for a way to display the extra badges you’ve earned that won’t fit on your vest anymore? Or the perfect gift for the avid badge collecting Frontier Girl? We have a solution! Our red wall banners are a great way to display badges, as well as a thoughtful gift for any girl who is advancing levels and needs a place to store or display her previous level badges. Each banner comes with the appropriate level ribbon. For instance, if a girl is graduating from a Dolphin to a Butterfly, and has to remove her Dolphin level badges from her vest, our wall banners would be the perfect place for her to still display the badges she earned as a Dolphin. You can use the banner while advancing multiple levels, or order new ones for each level! Either way, they are a marvelous way to display your hard earned badges, instead of storing them away somewhere.

Wall Display Banners are $9.99 plus shipping and are made to order. A wonderful troop leader creates them for us so please expect a higher wait time than other products. If you have any questions please contact us at