100_2767The question frequently comes up regarding exactly what type of service should count towards a Servant’s Heart Awards and what type of service should not.  There is a difference between community service and our motto “If you see a need, take the lead.” If you notice someone in the parking lot needs help loading groceries, you offer to help. That is our motto. If you set aside time to go to the parking lot specifically to find and help people load groceries, that is community service. If you mow the lawn for your neighbor while they are sick, that is our motto. If you search out neighbors who may have problems mowing such as the elderly and offer to do it each week, that is service. Our motto means helping out when needed simply because it is the right thing to do.   You are not rewarded for this service as it should be done with a free and open heart.

Community service, which counts towards the Servant’s Heart award,  means you have seen a need in the community and volunteered to fill it.  You can decide to collect food for the homeless, spend  a few hours picking up trash in your local park, help teach Sunday school, etc.  Our communities cannot run without volunteers who are willing to take an active roll to make life better for others.  Without soccer or little league coaches, there would be no sports for our kids.  If we had to wait for government paid employees to pick up all the trash, our parks and public spaces would be a mess.  If people don’t organize and participate in food drives, those in poverty may not have enough to eat.  If no one ever visits the elderly their health and well being suffers.  Each of us has different talents and interests that can be used to help those around us.  The key is to look for needs that meet the way we enjoy serving.  We want to encourage the girls to actively look for ways to help in their community which is why we reward them with hours toward a Servant’s Heart award.  Our hope is that as adults, they will continue to seek out ways to serve their community for the simple reward of the good feelings it provides.

Think of it more as pre-thought or after thought. The idea is to train the girls to not only react to needs ( our motto), but also to search out ways to help as well (community service).

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