Tuesday, January 19th is Frontier Girls 9th birthday. In celebration of this, here are some fun suggestions to throw a Frontier Girls birthday party! Most of these suggestions were taken from the January 2012 newsletter for our 5th birthday.

happy birthday


“Wear your uniform to school on Jan. 19 and make happy birthday posters to post in local shops.”
-Karen, Troop #144


“One of my girls suggested hanging a bunch of number 9’s from the ceiling with balloons. Another wants to buy those Christmas crackers (the pull apart kind with toys inside). They should be cheap now after Christmas. We’ll have red, white & blue food and learn a patriotic song. We’ll make cards to send to “our” soldier.”
– Katie, Troop 159


“Beth’s favorite service project is the one we do for the Girl Scout Birthday (March 12). She makes a “Birthday Party in a Bag”. She fills a large gift bag with cake mix, candles, frosting, party favors, streamers, a party game, and a small gift, (such as coloring book and crayons, or a Barbie doll), etc. We attach a tag identifying the age range of the gift and then donate it to a local shelter or food bank. This can be done with a troop, too. I originally started doing this back in 1999 with my GS troop (30 Brownies), and would have the girls brainstorm what to put in the bag. Then I’d do the shopping, bring it to the next meeting, have the girls pack it, and we were done. You could assign each girl an item off your list to contribute, or take a shopping trip with them, too.”
– Suzanne, Pioneer Mom


“Learn patriotic songs and perform them for your local veterans at a VFW post, American Legion, or Veterans home. Make patriotic crafts, food, and décor to help get into the Frontier Girls spirit. You could even do a lasting community service project with the Frontier Girls name on it such as making bat houses for a local park, building a step for a water fountain so that smaller kids can reach it, or painting a mural.”
– Kerry, Troop #101


“Earn the birthday badge in honor of FG’s birthday!”
– Sara, FG office manager