Wall Display Banners

Frontier Girls Wall Display Banners                         Looking for a way to display the extra badges you’ve earned that won’t fit on your vest anymore? Or the perfect gift for the avid badge collecting Frontier Girl? We have a solution! Our red wall banners are a great way to display badges, as well as a thoughtful gift for any girl who is advancing levels and needs a place to store or display her previous level badges. Each banner comes with the appropriate level ribbon. For instance, if a girl is

Service vs. Motto

The question frequently comes up regarding exactly what type of service should count towards a Servant’s Heart Awards and what type of service should not.  There is a difference between community service and our motto “If you see a need, take the lead.” If you notice someone in the parking lot needs help loading groceries, you offer to help. That is our motto. If you set aside time to go to the parking lot specifically to find and help people load groceries, that is community service. If you mow the lawn for your neighbor while they are sick, that is

Fruit of the Spirit – Badge #2: Joy

Ideas submitted by Emily Granger   Joy is more than a feeling; it is a way of thinking that can affect not only yourself, but those around you. The first step to leading a joyful life is to change the way you think.  Instead of getting up in the morning grumbling about what’s for breakfast and how you really wanted to sleep for another 15 minutes, change your attitude and be thankful that you have another day to live and enjoy.  Be thankful for the blessings that you have: physical possessions are transitory, but the character we develop will last

Frontier Girls Turns 9! Throw a FG Birthday Party

Frontier Girls Turns 9! Throw a FG Birthday Party

Tuesday, January 19th is Frontier Girls 9th birthday. In celebration of this, here are some fun suggestions to throw a Frontier Girls birthday party! Most of these suggestions were taken from the January 2012 newsletter for our 5th birthday.   “Wear your uniform to school on Jan. 19 and make happy birthday posters to post in local shops.” -Karen, Troop #144   “One of my girls suggested hanging a bunch of number 9’s from the ceiling with balloons. Another wants to buy those Christmas crackers (the pull apart kind with toys inside). They should be cheap now after Christmas. We’ll

Fruit of the Spirit – Badge #1: Love

Fruit of the Spirit – Badge #1:  Love

Ideas submitted by Emily Granger   This year my troop decided to work on the Fruit of the Spirit Award.  To earn it, you must complete each badge for the nine fruits of the spirit which are the basis for the Frontier Girls creed.  Our journey along this path has made me reflect on my own life and how these nine character traits play a role so I have decided to write a nine part series for the blog, one for each character trait. The requirement to love is an integral part of Frontier Girls. Love appears both in our


Adopt-A-Family Submitted by: Kenzie Speers, Butterfly, #273 Troop Reporter We are Frontier Girls Troop #273. Our troop is made of Penguins through Butterflies. We enjoy earning badges and helping where we can in the community. This is the second year our troop participated in NVCSS Adopt-A-Family program. Our troop adopted a family of 6 kids and their mom to give them Christmas presents. Our troop members and families donated gifts, a food basket and household items. Our members had fun picking out the items, and threw a gift wrapping party. This is a fun and rewarding event we hope to