Ffriendsrontier Girls members who operate as individuals without the benefit of a formal troop are called Pioneers.  Just because they work by themselves however does not mean they have to operate alone.  There are many ways for Pioneers to work with other Frontier Girls, even if there are none close by.

The first way is to connect with other Pioneers either through our Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook group (our most active forum) or through one of our Yahoo Groups.  Participating in the forums allows girls to show off their achievements and receive input from other members.  It also allows parents to connect with other parents and troop leaders to gain ideas and support.  Many Pioneers have made friends and gained pen pals through our forums and even worked together with other Frontier Girls long distance via email and Skype.  Girls in distant states can still work on badges together and communicate via computer.   We have even had girls from three different states all work together on badges and awards.

The second way is to connect with other local Pioneers.  If there are several girls in a certain area, but there is no organized troop or troop leader, that does not mean they cannot work together, it just means it is a more informal group.  We have several Frontier Girls Pioneer groups spread across the country, some with as many as 28 girls in them.  Sometimes it is simply not possible for a single parent to take on the responsibility for an entire troop, but when each parent retains responsibility for their own child, then it allows all parents to pitch in where they can.  Parents in groups of this nature frequently take turns setting up activities such as badge days, ceremonies, camp outs, and community service.  The responsibility does not lie with a single adult, but is shared by the entire group.  Girls participate where they can and where they are interested.

The final way to connect with other members is to find a troop within driving distance, even if it is a couple of hours away.  While a girl may not join a specific troop for one reason or another (schedule, age, location, etc.) if there is one within driving distance you can always ask to be included in certain activities.  Although troops are not required to include Pioneers, most will issue invitations for special events such as community service, parades, or even camp outs.   My own troop holds several “all troop” activities each year that are open to any Pioneer or other troop who wishes to join us.  These activities include things like our annual Fairy Hunt, campouts, parades, and ringing bells for Salvation Army and putting flags on veterans graves for Memorial Day.

Frontier Girls is a flexible program, and regardless of how the girls participate, we do our best to make sure that no one has to work alone.  So if you are a current Pioneer and you have not yet connected with other Frontier Girls, take the first step and introduce yourself on our Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook group or email me at Kerry@frontiergirls.com and I will do my best to put you in touch with other Frontier Girls around the country you can work with.





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