New Frontier Girls Symbol
New Symbol of Frontier Girls

Every girl in Frontier Girls is encouraged to earn, at the very least, the Patriotism badge, Etiquette badge, and Emergency Preparedness badge at every level of Frontier Girls.  By requiring the girls to constantly review what they have learned and add to that knowledge as they get older, our goal is to have every girl who goes through the Frontier Girl program emerge as a patriotic, polite and well prepared young lady.  To help encourage the girls in this goal, we have developed a new symbol to help represent Frontier Girls.

The star in the center represents the patriotism we hope to instill.  Our country is exceptional in so many ways and the girls should take pride in our accomplishments and support those who fight for our freedom and the freedom of others.  We encourage girls to be actively involved, standing up for what they believe in.  If they believe our country is on the wrong course, it is their responsibility to do something about it and not sit complacently on the sidelines.  Patriotism is defined as a love for and a devotion to your country.  Frontier Girls hopes to motivate girls to take part in the development of our country and to show gratitude to our soldiers and veterans who have fought so hard to provide us with the freedom and opportunities that allow us to do so.

The hearts around the edges represent the character we expect from Frontier Girls.  The Etiquette badge is designed to remind girls to put others before themselves.  “Please” and “Thank you” show respect and gratitude.  Turning off your cell phone while in restaurants and movie theaters allows those around you to have a more enjoyable experience.  Turning away and coughing or sneezing into your elbow, shows consideration for the health of others.  Regardless of the situation, having good etiquette and manners makes life more pleasurable for everyone involved.  These hearts also represent our Servant’s Hearts and our goal to teach the girls to not only have considerations for those around them, but to take it one step further and actually find ways to serve others in need.

Finally, the hands represent being prepared to lend a hand in any situation.  Whether it is being prepared to help in an emergency, to cook their own meals, or to teach a skill to others, we don’t just want the girls to learn knowledge, we want them to be able to put it into practice.  The hands represent hands on life skills that will allow Frontier Girls to be self sufficient in their own right, but also allows them to extend their knowledge and skills to help those around them.

This symbol will become an integral part of the Frontier Girls program and we encourage the girls to make it their own.  Hearts, stars, and handprints are easy to make and the girls may recreate it on t-shirts, banners, thank you cards and more. using any technique they wish.  So get creative and remember what Frontier Girls is all about!


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