I do a lot of traveling and every time I fly I hear the same safety speech over and over.  They tell you that in case of cabin pressure loss oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling.  You are instructed to put your own mask on first before trying to help your child or other passengers.  While my brain accepts the need to save yourself so that you can save others, my heart always rebels at the thought of putting myself above my children.

As I begin to get ready for my trip to visit several Frontier Girls troops, I realized that life is much like that airplane.  We, as parents and Frontier Girls leaders, want to put our children first.  We spend countless hours planning badges, organizing camp outs, serving the community, managing finances and arranging ceremonies.  By this time of year we are exhausted.  We can’t breathe.

I want all my wonderful leaders and parents to remember the wisdom of oxygen. Of breath.  If you can’t breathe, you cannot help those around you.  Take some time for yourself.  Don’t feel guilty about it.  Breathe deep of something you truly enjoy.  Read a good book, go to a movie, listen to music that only you enjoy and that your kids laugh at.

Remember that no matter how much you want to put others first, you will be of no use to them if you you are exhausted, if you are out of breath.  So take a moment and just breathe.

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