Picture 004Dolphin Makayla Russell has been with Troop 159 since September 2012.  She is always excited about Frontier Girls and her enthusiasm is contagious!  It is very rare for Makayla to miss a meeting or event, and as Patrol Leader of the Happy Campers she always arrives early and ready to help set up.  I’ve seen her grow into her role this year as a leader – helping the other girls, being more careful of her responses, mindful of her influence and attitude, setting a good example.

Makayla has earned the special “Take the Lead” troop patch.  This patch is given to girls who step up in specific situations and go above and beyond.  Last year, we had a big fundraiser planned just when I was due to have a baby.  The mom in charge of the silent auction & potato bar needed unexpected surgery which put her out of commission only a few weeks before the event.  Makayla (and her mom!) went around to local restaurants and stores asking for donations, scoring (among other things) 100 baking potatoes!  Thanks to their hard work, the event went on as planned and we received over $1200 for our troop.

More recently, we were putting together hygiene kits for a local homeless mission.  On the suggestion of her grandmother, Makayla contacted her dentist and because of her excitement about the project we had dozens of toothbrushes donated.

Makayla has completed 56 badges, given over 70 hours of service and earned her Liberty Award.  I’m so proud of her and all she has learned and accomplished.

– Katie Lundquist, Troop 159 Leader