I do a lot of traveling and every time I fly I hear the same safety speech over and over.  They tell you that in case of cabin pressure loss oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling.  You are instructed to put your own mask on first before trying to help your child or other passengers.  While my brain accepts the need to save yourself so that you can save others, my heart always rebels at the thought of putting myself above my children. As I begin to get ready for my trip to visit several Frontier Girls troops, I

Brianna Hill Supports SPCA and Loaves and Fishes

Brianna Hill, a10 year old Pioneer Frontier Girl from Hammondsport, NY, decided she wanted to help her community by raising money for the local SPCA (where her family got their dog) and the Loaves and Fished Food Pantry of Hammondsport by having a bake sale and Partylite candle sale.  Brianna is the only Frontier Girl in her area so she worked very hard making fliers and writing letters for donations to help make her sale successful.  She baked all of the goods from scratch, packaged them with pretty red, pink and white ribbons for a Valentine’s Day theme and sold them from her

Member Highlight – Makayla Russell

Member Highlight – Makayla Russell

  Dolphin Makayla Russell has been with Troop 159 since September 2012.  She is always excited about Frontier Girls and her enthusiasm is contagious!  It is very rare for Makayla to miss a meeting or event, and as Patrol Leader of the Happy Campers she always arrives early and ready to help set up.  I’ve seen her grow into her role this year as a leader – helping the other girls, being more careful of her responses, mindful of her influence and attitude, setting a good example. Makayla has earned the special “Take the Lead” troop patch.  This patch is